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Cesar Ruiz Sparse arrangements compared to other Filardo releases, but that's what forces the songs to be strong. Patience with this record will envelop your fundamental feelings. Favorite track: Lion's Heart.
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These recordings were made in July of 2013 in Anacortes, Washington, following the UNKNOWN music series festival. Nich Wilbur engineered the session, and Gregory Campanile, Stephen Steinbrink, and Phil Elverum were creative collaborators.


released September 19, 2013



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Filardo Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Yesterday's Cup (Bummer Surf Instrumental)
(birds chirping)
Track Name: Lion's Heart
A paragraph of a new life's resolutions in faded black short hand dry erase.
A secret heavy side finish designs and exercise surrounding:
The way one bluntly describes a private type of self-forgiveness.
...and to never stop dreaming.
It's never too late to be who you want.
And nothing should change your mind.
Is this the path to the lion's heart that Ritchy walked?

In this place you used to thrive in I'm living good in a quiet neighborhood.
Late patio advice over beer that I barely liked drinking has done me right this year and I thank thee for belief in the idea:
...to never stop my dreaming.
So long.
Thank you.
Is this the path to the lion's heart that Ritchy found?
Track Name: Valentine
Hello beautiful love of mine.
How has your day been?
Mine was fine.
That you're asking only makes it better.
I can't imagine what it would be like without you here.
I can feel you healing me.
Thank you love of mine for being my valentine.
You've mentioned your reservations over fate and I do understand I do,
But to tell you the truth...
This feels strangely right.
Clockwise movement starts to slow when you're near me.
I've been around long enough to know:
That a psychic push and butterflies and affirmations of relative time,
Are rare, not everybody gets those.
I refuse to imagine what it would be like without you here,
When I can feel you healing me.
Thank you love of mine for being my valentine.
Track Name: An Uncertain Time
In a time of uncertainty let the waters rise.
May a tide so relentless force direction,
To assist in travel to heights already reached in conception.
Come and go desire.
Inspiration seek and hide.
Go without reservation,
Without fear of being left behind in an uncertain time.
Track Name: White Cube
An architect of empty lots loves gum specked sidewalk polka dots,
And asphalt too, in slo-mo waves, unbreakable and delicate.
White cube.
What is this?
The future holds the past revised in simple code for builders eyes.
And from a cliff the rebar ties itself into an oxide tide.
White cube.
What is this?
The skyscrapers are howling mines vacantly whistling at night.
In subharmonic pitch devise a plan to outlast human kind.
White cube.
What is this?